Sunday, January 27, 2013

[ MSWL - Project Management ]

Social Enterprise and Business

Lets say that social enterprise is about take popular social media tools like blogs, wikis, forums, real-time communication platforms, etc., and use them for internal collaboration, project management and overall feel-good business practices.

It seems that in practice, a lot of companies have found that actually using this stuff does not guarantee happiness and productivity to their organization. Usually appear stumbling blocks that won't accept to moving forward on a project unless there's a meeting or memos in between - the very things social enterprise practices are trying to eliminate.

There's the issue of figuring when and for what social enterprise should be used? Employees may get confused over when and how they're supposed to turn to the social media platform in their day-to-day jobs. And if only some workers engage with the platform, its utility is greatly reduced.

"You Can't Force Workers To Be Social" - Enterprises can't just switch and turn on a social network, it is only possible as users find these tools helpful and engaging for their daily activities. Social media tools do make it easier to establish those connections, but it's not something you can force.

So in general, it is pretty important to implement a proper change management to gradually incorporate social enterprise tools and practices in business.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[ MSWL - Economic Aspects ]

Mercado de teléfonos inteligentes en 2012

Según la consultora IHS iSuppli, los resultados de un estudio efectuado en 2012 señalan que Samsung ha superado a Apple y a los demás competidores en el mercado de los teléfonos inteligentes a través de sus dispositivos con sistema operativo android, abarcando un 28% del mercado y seguido por Apple con un 20%.