Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Free/Libre Software and Education

Last December 12th was held on Fuenlabrada's campus at URJC the GSyC/LibreSoft 2013 Convention, which counted with the presence of Richard M. Stallman (RMS) who offered a talk entitled "The Free Software and Your Freedom" (

In this talk Stallman spoke among other things about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software movement as well as the history of the GNU operating system, with emphasis on the ethical benefits of using this type of software.

The evolution of free software projects depends heavily on the formation acquired by individuals in the education system, but more importantly are the values ​​that govern these projects, which in turn leads the society.

As far as FLOSS would gradually be adopted by formal education systems in society, future leaders will emerge with robust foundations on issues of human rights, freedom, cooperation, and core values ​​for good and human progress. As RMS mention, "Free Software is not just a technical question; it is an ethical, social, and political question."


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